Dr. Ounceson Weight Loss

Reducing weight is just not about discovering a fast repair — it is about discovering a way of life and the habits that can work finest for you long-term. You will be amazed at how shortly …


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  1. Calories from what??? Fat, carbohydrates, or protein? Your body metabolizes each differently. Look up the A to Z diet study. Or how the fatty acid cycle works. Calories are NOT created equal.

  2. Just saw the Piers Morgan show and everything Dr.Oz says is so right. I never liked sweets etc….and as a result I love eating but I eat the right things and I never put on weight. My grandmother says "I´m like a herring" cos I eat so much and I´m thin.

  3. @jimmytube177 thats true , but most t.v type education sessions, dont really want to have to much info at once.
    this is a really condensed speech. thats why hes talking so fast becaus he has a time limit for his time slot on t.v. he didn't mention food on purpos, he just wanted to make a very quick point.

  4. Eat mostly fruits and vegetables raw – Nuts/seeds – Exercise – Sleep – Hydrate yourself, 3L or more a day. Me, I still don't trust fluoride, so..really do your homework properly(not just on fluoride) and look at both points.
    And as you can see I didn't mention meat, milk, and other crap.
    And dont do these things, dont

  5. How do i get rid of acne keloids on the back of my neck? I tried going to the dermatologist but what they give me don't work. Somebody help me please!!! Dr. Oz?

  6. Good luck on your journey you all! I have already lost over 50lbs and I have some more weight to lose. Feel free to come to my channel and watch my weekly weigh-in every Sunday. If you need any tips you can inbox me. Let's encourage eachother! If you have a facebook you can add me =) the link is on my channel. Thank you Dr.OZ for help peope.

  7. hola Dr. Oz felicitaciones por su programa quiero que me ayude tengo manchas de sol en toda mi cara como podré quitarmelas e hecho de todo y no se me quitan.Gracias

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