One Lady’s Excessive Weight Loss on the Keto Weight-reduction plan

Suzanne Ryan shares how she misplaced 100 kilos after following the keto food regimen for one yr. Plus, she reveals what she sometimes eats in a day and the way straightforward it’s to …


15 thoughts on “One Lady’s Excessive Weight Loss on the Keto Weight-reduction plan”

  1. While the short term improvements are amazing long term there should be caution. I am sure the weight loss is beneficial for improving health risks of diabetes, high blood pressure long term there are risks that have been recently been published. Increased risk of dying prematurely have come to light in recent study of patients. Here is the link to this study:
    I do not want to discourage anyone from doing what they feel is best for them but just be cautious concerning long term health risks.

  2. Holy crap. The difference is amazing side by side in the photos. This has motivated me to finally take “before” pictures. Started at 360 on Keto (incorporated intermittent fasting at the end of month two) and about five months later I’m at 280 and steadily dropping….been obese my entire life and I’m now literally lighter than I’ve been since about age 15….eleven to twelve years ago…. Didn’t take before pictures because honestly had never tried any “fad” diet before and didn’t think it would work….seemed too good to be true….tried and failed the traditional physician recommended way too many times to count…..the cravings and hunger always took the wheel within days….but now realize it was stupid of me not to take pictures for future motivation the moment I realized that this was the lifestyle for me and that it worked. If you’re having issues with your weight, depression, fatigue, are type 2 diabetic or prediabetic, suffer from inflammatory issues, and/or your biggest problem with attempting to lose weight is the food part…then Keto will be your godsend. Trust me.(preferably in combination with IF, but that part is completely optional, as you’ll get great results with or without it).
    It’s nothing new (on an evolutionary perspective) and is not “just a fad”. I contribute it to saving my life.
    Also improved my depression, energy levels, skin, and lessened cravings and hunger big time. For anyone on the fence about it, take a bit of time to educate yourself first on how it works and exactly what it is, stay away from Keto “products”, and then give it an honest go, you won’t regret it. I’m no seasoned expert by any means but feel free to ask me or look up dr. Berg here on YouTube if you have questions.

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