Hey everybody! I’ve misplaced 230lbs naturally and on this video I share my secret to excessive weight reduction with you, hope it helps! ____ See my full 240lb transformation …



  1. So I started my weight loss journey (for good) in October) being so brutally honest with myself helped so much. And I remember the first time I actually felt hungry, it’s like I had forgotten what it felt like after years of emotional and bored eating.

  2. Totally agree!! I love Lilykoi, she’s a vegan Youtuber. And at the end of her videos she always says “ Make better choices for yourself, no one can do it for you and take really, really good care”.

  3. After extreme weight loss(200lbs+) and getting skin removal surgery, are you able to start body building? Just wondering because wouldn’t body building stretch your skin again?

  4. I had myself convinced that it doesn't matter what I eat as long as I stayed under my calorie limit for the day. So if I was burning 4500 calories then as long as I stayed at 4000 I was golden. Where I screwed up is that I never counted my calories so I had no idea where I was from day to day. Also if you eat nothing but trash from day to day then you feel like trash and it is so much harder to get up and do anything. I allowed myself to keep going like this even while I kept gaining weight because I told myself that "Oh I'm not really trying that hard yet. When I start REALLY trying that will be when I see results." I'm going to have to stop lying to myself and be brutally honest. Pizza is probably not the best thing for breakfast lol. Thank you for the awesome advice.

  5. Ok story time. I’m 13 and 5’5. I also lost 45 pounds this year. After I moved I became depressed and food just was a way to escape. I Usually ate a bagel and a wrap from McDonald’s for breakfast. Then fatty snacks until lunch and lunch was always pasta with cheese. Then snacks. Then a huge super plate. Then snacks. I denied that I went from a heathy weight to obese. I weighted 180 at my highest. I thought that being a xl at twelve was normal. all my friends are skinny and healthy. Only when I noticed that I was starting to get uncomfortable with myself in short sleeve cloths and shorts I decided to do something. I watched very closely what I ate. Too close. I started to count calories to at least 450 a day and working out for an hour a day. I lost weight fast. I started to feel better but my mental state sucks even more now. I weigh 135 and i still am uncomforatable in my own skin. I have stretch marks ALL over my body. I know they will be here forever from my bad decisions. What I’m trying to say is that if people don’t snap out of a reality it can harm them life long (like me)

  6. I am 5'2 and was 160lbs at one point. I was a size 8-11 at one point. Today, I went jean shopping. Ive come down to a size 3! I'm 110lbs now and Ive never felt or looked better

  7. I started crying halfway through the video, not because you said anything wrong but because it has taken me so long to actually be brutally honest, as you said, with myself and it downed on me that there's nothing in my way but me. It hit home. And I realized that because of you and Jordan. Thank you both ❤️

  8. I’m constantly questioning my hunger since losing weight! I basically feel hungry all day long until after my dinner – I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever get used to eating well. It’s like my appetite loved me being obese and now hates me for losing weight. Great advice, Zach xx

  9. I completely agree. These are all things I've changed for myself, and the difference is incredible. It doesn't even feel like dieting anymore. It just feels like this is how I eat now. I've definitely changed my relationship with food for the better.

  10. hi again , listen , you've done great – so I don't want to rock the boat – but when whatever you're doing has run it's course – there's another way – being a raw-vegan-fruitarian , or even just a vegan-fruitarian is miraculous , because somehow it resets some internal system , and without dieting you just become lean – if you eat a lot , or a little , it just balances – it just is so much easier – it satisfies and satiates and actually becomes easier with time , because of the many side benefits , it also gains momentum as you go along ! for people who love to eat , or who have food issues , it's a miracle !

  11. dudee omg i was like really discouraged last week bc i clicked on one of these fitness trainer ads and saw a video of a dude telling me that i'm this one specific bodytype that loses weight really slowly and basically has to follow a really complicated diet to achieve anything. now that i've seen your video i was reminded that that's bullshit, everybody can lose weight, it's just calories in vs calories out and that "trainer" just wanted me to sign up for his program so he gets paid. it's people like you, who give useful information FOR FREE that give me hope and make me optimistic again. holy shit. thanks, dude.

  12. Great advice on keeping track of what you are eating, I have tried loads of diets and failed. Seems silly that something as simple as counting my calories and learning the basics of nutrition could actually work but lost 38lbs now! I think documenting it on youtube is helping me stay honest as well.

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